(I receive no compensation from the manufacturer of this product, I just like it and use it for myself nearly every day)

If you go on Amazon.com and search for “bluetooth earbuds”, you’ll get over 10,000 results. They are impossible to sort through, so I went ahead and did the hard work for you. The GoNovate G10 Bluetooth Earbud doesn’t offer stunning aesthetics like Apple’s product, and the sound quality can’t compete with the $300 Bose noise cancelling headphones either. So why is it the best cycling earbud out there?

Cost. At $18.99, you can feel confident that you can go out for a ride and you aren’t going to return missing a rent or mortgage payment. I bought two of these, and use one as a backup on long rides.

Ease of use. There are no cords to get tangled up, and there aren’t a million buttons to learn. There is only one button. It serves as the play/pause button when you’re listening to music and podcasts, or it can answer or hang up calls if you’re so inclined. And as a cyclist, you don’t want two earbuds in your ears to block the sound of approaching cars. I’ve actually found that wearing one earbud in my right ear isolates outside sound to my left ear, enabling me to hear traffic coming better. That could just be my perception, but I never have trouble hearing cars coming behind me.

Weight. This thing is light, and I mean super-light. I tried to weigh it on my postage scale, which measures in extremely accurate 5 gram increments. Most of the time it registered at 0 grams, and a few times it measured at 5 grams. Either way it’s a negligible amount of weight to add to your body during a ride.

Battery life. The Amazon listing claims a 6 hour playtime, and I’ve experienced anywhere from 4-6 hours, which coincidentally is outside the bounds of the majority of cyclists long rides any way. If you are worried about the battery dying on you, then get a spare.

Fit. This is very subjective obviously, but this earbud fits into my ear perfectly. Once it’s in, I completely forget that it’s even there. I use a silicone earbud tip on one of my units, and a memory foam tip on the other. It’s really up to your own personal preference which you like better. I like both. The memory foam seems to isolate the sound better and seal off my ear canal 100%. The GoNovate earbud comes with silicone tips, but you can order the memory foam version on Amazon as well.

Reviews. Reviews are a tricky thing on Amazon. A product can have 1300 reviews on Amazon with 4.6 stars, but still be a piece of junk. How? Because Amazon sellers have the ability to give away their product in exchange for positive reviews. This is now against Amazon’s terms of service, but it definitely still occurs. See my post on Fakespot for more info. By no means does it mean that every product with less than an “A” rating from Fakespot isn’t quality, but there is a potential that it is lesser than what the Amazon rating says.

The GoNovate earbud has a 4.0 rating on Amazon, and an “A” from Fakespot. The Amazon rating is really good if you compare it to nearly every other bluetooth earbud on headphone on Amazon that’s within a $50 price point.

There’s only one. This could be seen as a potential negative, but we cyclists only want to have one earbud in at a time any way. So instead of paying a premium for two earbuds, you only pay 19 bucks.