The Elite Cannibal aren’t the lightest water bottle cages, and they aren’t the cheapest. But they are the best out of all of the affordable options on the market. Why?

  • Durability. I’ve been using the same two cages for the past three seasons, and they’ve held up marvelously. They are made of reinforced fiberglass, which gives them just the right amount of flex, but not so much that they allow the bottle to bounce around.
  • Bottle security. In three seasons, these cages have never ejected a single bottle. And that is saying something because they have been through some of the bumpiest crits, road races, and even the Belgian Waffle Ride three times!
  • Side access. You won’t know how awesome this is until you have cages that allow for it. The Cannibals give you the option to remove your bottle from the left, right, or the (standard) top. Another neat feature is that they allow side access when using standard sized bottles with super-small bike frames, or huge bottles with standard sized bike frames. See below.
  • Color choices. I don’t know how many different colors are available, but there are a lot. They will have something available to match your bike.
  • Light weight. At 35 grams, they aren’t feather-light, but they are much lighter than any aluminum cage.
  • Cost. Keep your eye on the Amazon listing. Depending on the color choice, the price ranges from $12 to $25 at any given time. There are many different sellers of a variety of colors, so the price often changes from day to day.