Velotoze shoe covers have been around for a few years already, and have been spotted all over the Pro Tour.

So, why are these $20 shoe covers so popular? Simple. They are light, aero, and completely waterproof. I’ve had the opportunity to test them (or actually several pairs) out over the course of the past three years. Here are the pros and cons that I’ve found:


  • Cost. This is the best part… they are only $21 on Amazon with Prime shipping.
  • Aerodynamics. If you choose the correct size, these things are super tight around your socks and shoes. They essentially remove all buckles, seams, sock lines, or anything else that could catch the wind.
  • Waterproof. They’re made from latex rubber. They are 100% waterproof.
  • Light weight. Depending on size, a pair of tall Velotoze weighs in at around 100g, which rivals the lightest covers on the market.


  • Breathability. They are made from rubber latex (like the gloves), so they have none. But on a rainy day or in a 40k TT that shouldn’t be your chief concern.
  • Durability. It’s good that these things are so cheap, because they tear very very easily. It is difficult to put them on and remove them more than a few times without tearing them. And once they tear, the aero and waterproof benefits are immediately gone.

So, why are Velotoze the cheapest shoe covers available? Simple. They are made from the same material as those rubber gloves you find in a med kit or hospital. Unfortunately for you, they are patented. So, unless you want to buy a box of rubber gloves and twist them up around your cycling shoes, you should buy a set of these for 20 bucks.