ArmorAll Protectant Wipes. Yeah, that’s right. They’re cheap, portable, and they weren’t developed for cleaning bikes. But they are the best and quickest way to shine up your entire bike and accessories. When I travel to multi-stage races, I always bring a bunch of these in a bag to clean everything up. All it takes is one or two a day, and all of my stuff is looking like new again.

Make sure you get the “Protectant” wipes, and not the “Cleaning” wipes.

So far, I’ve used them on my entire bike and wheels. I wouldn’t recommend using them on your brake track or tires because they do leave a bit of shiny layer afterwards.

I have also used them on my helmet and shoes. I haven’t found anything better at bringing that shine and level of cleanliness back to a pair of white shoes after a ride in a driving rain.

There are a couple different listings on Amazon, so try both links and see which one offers a better price since Amazon’s prices constantly fluctuate. If you have alternatives or suggestions, I’d love to hear them in the comments section below!

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