They look just like Airpods, but claim to be better. They are the Funcl AI Wireless Smart Earbuds. Check out their site for more info. While I don’t have any personal experience with them, I did read the reviews and their extensive information on the web page. Here are some of the highlights that I pulled:

  1. Low latency. They are powered by a Qualcomm smart audio chip which promises extremely low latency when you have them connected to an aptX device. Nearly all new phones, tablets, PCs, etc. support aptX. If you really want to know if your device is supported, check out the list. What does this mean for you? It just means that there’s much less delay between the device and your ears, so phone calls, games, music etc. play more seamlessly. The Funcls claim a latency of 60ms while the Airpods claim 100ms.
  2. Battery life. The website lists 24 hour battery life, but this is a bit misleading. The earbuds themselves actually have about a 6.5 hour lifespan. What that means is that the case that these earbuds travel in allow for it to charge for a few cycles to achieve a 24 hour total battery capacity. Airpods claim a playtime of 5 hours.
  3. Touch controls. This is pretty cool… they can be “tapped” to play/pause, answer calls, skip songs, and more.
  4. IPX5. This is a waterproof rating. It doesn’t actually mean that they are completely waterproof, but it does mean that it “protects from water jets at any direction”. So you can’t wear them in the pool, but you can wear them in a rainstorm on a bike ride.
  5. Bluetooth 5.0. This is the newest version of bluetooth. It promises a better, more consistent connection and allows the devices sending and receiving the signal to be further apart. It also runs at “low energy” specification, which means better battery life for your earbuds and for the other electronic device.

I found a few reputable sites that posted some basic reviews on the earbuds:

Tech Radar


Android Police

El Jefe approves! Need I say more?

The Funcl AI true wireless bluetooth earbuds are available in white and black colors, but it looks like black is sold out at the moment. Use promo code “CHEAPAUDIO” at the checkout screen to knock the final price down to $48.98. If the promo code doesn’t work, then it’s probably expired.