(Lezyne did not provide me with any form of compensation in exchange for writing this post. I just really like this product.)

The Lezyne Micro Caddy Saddle Bag has been available for many years, and it has withstood the test of time. While I’ve experimented with numerous different bags, I have always come back to this one. None of the other ones could manage to match the durability, design, light weight, and affordability of this one.

There have been a few different iterations of the Micro Caddy, but the newest one is definitely the best. While most saddle bags have 2 straps (one strap around the saddle rails and one around the seatpost), this one only has 1 strap. It’s beefy, and it allows you to loop it around the saddle rails extremely tightly. I don’t experience any looseness or bounce in the Micro Caddy, and mine is always packed full.

Each Micro Caddy that I’ve owned has lasted between one and four years. This isn’t due to any defect that I’ve found, I just ride them in the elements and beat them up. I did have one issue a few years ago, where the bag tore apart at the bottom seam. I contacted Lezyne’s Warranty Department (warranty@lezyne.com) and they set me up with a brand new Micro Caddy once I gave them some pertinent information. Props to Lezyne for the awesome customer service!

The Micro Caddy is available in size Small and Medium. Size Small is $19.99 and Medium is $24.99 on Amazon right now. Keep in mind that size Small is tiny. This video perfectly illustrates the carrying capacity of the small versus the medium: