I’ve been using the Cycle Torch Bolt Combo lights for about a year and a half, and I am very pleased with them. While they aren’t as bright as the $200 lights on the market, and they don’t take video loops like the Cycliq lights, they perform admirably and have held up well. Cost for both the white front and red rear blinkie lights runs $19.95 on Amazon.

There is only one brightness level, but there are 3 different flashing modes to choose from for each light: High mode, Slow flashing mode, and Quick flashing & pulse mode.

Here are my favorite benefits to the Cycle Torch lights:

  • Micro USB Rechargeable. Everyone has those little micro USB cords laying around. If you don’t, Cycle Torch includes a couple in the box for you to charge up your lights. They take about an hour to charge in my experience. One trick that I use is to have a long Micro USB cord connected at all times in the garage right where I keep my bike. When I’m done with a ride, I disconnect my lights, plug them both in using one of these, and then they’re ready to go for the next time.
  • Battery life. I use “slow flashing mode” which is enough to catch the attention of pedestrians, cars, and other bikes. Claimed battery life for this mode is 8-10 hours for the front light and 15-20 hours for the rear light. I haven’t had the front or rear light die during a ride yet, but I do charge them after every ride.
  • Install/Removal process is a snap. The included rubber strap is tight enough to hold both lights steady, but removal is still simple and fast.

Cycle Torch offers a pretty decent warranty on these things, considering the fact that they’re so affordable. I have taken advantage of their warranty once. My front light would not hold a charge. I contacted them through Amazon, and I had a brand new box containing both lights in under a week.

So, there you have it. I wouldn’t use this as a headlight at night, but for daytime and dusk riding purposes, they are excellent.