In the 30 years that I’ve been riding, I haven’t found a pair of rain gloves that are truly waterproof. The issue isn’t the material that they’re often made out of. The issue is that water runs down your arm and (no matter how tight the glove) eventually fills the glove. Then you are left with a soggy mess that isn’t waterproof, warm, or very functional on the bike at all.

Maybe we’ve been going about it all wrong for years? It’s inevitable that our hands are going to get wet at some point in the ride when it’s dumping rain. Instead of trying to keep the water out, why not just do what divers do? Wear a wetsuit (on your hands).

A wetsuit is a layer of neoprene that allows a small amount of water between your body and the fabric layer. Essentially, your body heats up this small amount of water, and the neoprene insulates it. Divers gloves use the same neoprene as a wetsuit, except on your hands of course.

I’ve tested these gloves for a couple of rain rides, and they work just as well as my wetsuit does in the ocean! I wouldn’t recommend using these gloves in freezing conditions since they do allow water in, but in 50 degrees F they worked well. And the best part? They are all over Amazon, and I scooped these up for $11.99! One of the biggest names in cycling has a nearly identical of pair of these on their website for $39.95.